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Fun With Fonts

Well, Halloween is over. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And we all know what that means…Christmas is only seven weeks away. Holiday season is in full swing! Next weekend Brad and I are having our annual holiday photos taken by our dear friend and designated personal photog (Thanks, Janet!). These photos are just part one in the process of designing our holiday cards – which begins with picking our outfits. Part two is my DIY design – which ends with picking fonts.

Fonts are my favorite.


I play around with fonts for hours trying to find the “perfect” one(s) for any design. My style typically combines different types – serif, san serif, script, handwritten, etc. – to create more visually interesting layouts. With so many free fonts offered for personal use, I am sharing some holiday inspired favorites. Click the links below to download for yourself!

10 Fun and Free Holiday Fonts:

1. Winter: Lazer Metal

2. Noel: Font5

3. Peace: Pea Ellie Bellie

4. Love: Sketch Block

5. Hope: Foglihten No06

6. Merry: Intaglio

7. Bright: Channel

8. Snow: Janda Stylish Script

9. Joy: KG Happy

10. Happy: Always Here


Only seven weeks. Brad is already stressing about holiday shopping…I guess I will spare him and hold off on Christmas Radio a little longer. ‘Tis the season!




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