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It is totally NOT weird to hang art in the shower…right? Brad thought I was nuts when I had this idea to fill the awkward empty space on our master bathroom wall – but he humored me. And now, he agrees the “cute” (his words) do-it-yourself sign I envisioned and created to add some pop and present a simple little reminder during morning routines turned out perfect. What word inspires you? Get crafty and spell it out with your own Galvanized Letter Sign.

Galvanized Letter Sign



Drop cloth

Medium to large paintbrush (depending on sign size)

Choice of paint

Galvanized metal letters (to spell any word)

Unfinished wood base

Screw driver

Screws (enough to hang each letter and the finished sign)

Tape measure




Sawtooth picture hanger


*Instead of using the rope attached to my wood base for hanging, I added a sawtooth hanger.




  1. Spread out the drop cloth and prepare your creative space. I used these letters and wood base.

  2. Begin by painting the wood base. It is only necessary to paint the front and sides if hanging it on the wall, but finish the back if you wish. Any choice of paint will do – I multi-purposed leftovers from one of the rooms in our house.

  3. After allowing it to dry completely (mine was good to go in about an hour), get the screws handy and arrange the letters to test spacing.

  4. Measure an even distance from both ends of the wood base and add the first and last letters, making sure each screw will be accurate and level.

  5. Working from the outside in, continue measuring and adding letters on leveled screws until your word is complete.

  6. Use the pre-attached hanging method on the wood base or attach a new sawtooth hanger and mount your completed sign on the wall – or display it in your own way.​

March is National Craft Monthexercise a little creativity!



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