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Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

The Journey Begins

Seven years ago, I was a soon-to-be Towson University graduate pursuing an Art degree. In my Web Design course, our final project challenged us to try something we had never done before, and create a website about the experience. That's when I first tried yoga...I hated it.

The room was dark; everyone else was older than me. The instructor spoke too softly; the music was so boring. I wanted to move quicker, I wasn't flexible enough. It was time to meditate; all I wanted to do was escape.

My anti-yoga site earned me an "A," and I wrote off yoga.

Fast forward and it's 2014. After my experience of a short-lived marriage and ultimately divorce, I found myself feeling anxious, just about life and where it would take me. BUT at the same time, I was so happy in my new relationship, and had been for quite some time. Focused on my wellness, I became more open-mined, and I decided to give yoga another shot. Something changed. I was lost in time, free from the stresses, the grind of everyday life, and inspired by the power of meditation. I continued going...I loved it.

The soft lighting was soothing; I didn't notice anyone else. I felt a connection to the instructor, I moved with the music. My body flowed freely; I knew I would get better, stronger. I lay peacefully on my mat, feeling rejuvenated.

Then, I heard about Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), and was intrigued. I couldn't stop thinking I should do this. I've never had any desire to get my Master's in Graphic Design. But for the next few weeks I dreamt of "mastering" the art of yoga.

"If it's both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it."

-Erada Svetlana

I saw an opportunity to share my passion, my energy and my spirit. To be creative in a way other than through design. Yoga is freeing, it's peaceful and expressive - plus, it boasts amazing health benefits! So, with the support and encouragement of Brad, my loving husband-in-training, I decided to chase my dream.

Ironically, here I am seven years later, with a website I designed, blogging about the gift of yoga. Things change. People change. Life changes. If it didn't, we'd all be bored. I plan to inspire others the way I'm inspired every day.

Today, I begin my 200-hour YTT...welcome to my journey.

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