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Peace of Yoga





If you don’t believe yoga can change you for the better, I'm here to prove otherwise. Take it from the girl who, after trying it for the first time, created an entire anti-yoga website for a college project, then ten years later got certified to teach it. I credit yoga for being my saving grace at a pivotal point in my life.


Since age five, I've wanted to be an artist. Now, as a graphic designer, I assure you dreams do come true, and believe a yoga mat doubles as a personal canvas. I received my 200-hour certification from LifePower Yoga in 2016. I aim to inspire students to be creative and get out of their head because there is no right or wrong way to design our own yoga masterpiece.


Prepare to breathe and flow with a lot of love and laughter.



Vinyasa Flow

60 Minutes

Build heat, strength, and endurance in a dynamic and powerful practice. Curated playlists support class energy, while students flow with the waves of the breath to strengthen mind, body, and soul.

Classes offered at HOME Skincare and Wellness in Woodbine, MD.

Yin Yoga

30 - 90 Minutes

Practice stillness and mindful breathing to find peace while extended holds in postures condition and heal the body's deepest connective tissues to counter the stress and tension of everyday life.


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