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Seek And You Will Find

Destination Happiness

Life is a crazy, wonderful journey. Each of us navigates it differently. Take alternate routes, both long and short. Do not always pay attention to signs. Maybe hit a bump in the road. Make a wrong turn every once in a while. Sometimes forget how we arrived. But ultimately, I believe, we are all headed to the same place. In this journey we all have a common goal.

To find happiness.

Along the way, it could mean falling in love, raising a family, landing a dream job, obtaining wealth, or traveling the world. Those stops can surely build our momentum. But they are not what really drive us. The fuel comes from within – we first have to love ourselves.

Then, happiness finds us.

"You will get there when you are meant to get there and not one moment sooner…so relax, breathe and be patient."

-Mandy Hale

Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) is one of my stops. There, self-growth and learning to be present create momentum. Knowing in every moment of life, perceived good or bad, we are exactly where we need to be and nothing lasts forever. Stuck in the traffic of life, we can choose to roll down our window and enjoy fresh air and sunshine on our skin. We can choose to notice the beautiful trees as we pass by. Instead of believing one single stop will bring us ultimate happiness, we can choose to be happy on the ride.

If you need help steering…

Create connections.

Don’t just be friendly, neighborly, or loving. Go deeper and find meaning with objects of your affection.

Show you care.

With every blessing you possess – physical, mental, economic, or moral – strive to help others while helping yourself. We are all capable of reducing pain and suffering.

Revel in the good stuff.

Hate, anger and jealousy only cause us heartache. Open your heart to being happy.

Focus on yourself.

It is important to observe and learn from your surroundings. But more important to be authentic and follow the path best suited for your life.

Sometimes we get lost and need to recalculate or ask for directions. In the journey, love yourself and know...happiness exists everywhere.

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