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When Monday Happens

Showing Up Counts

Your alarm clock goes off and you almost want to cry. It is raining outside and you just want to stay snuggled up under the sheets. Your cup of coffee to go would taste so much sweeter if you could just enjoy it at home. It is just plain dreadful sometimes. Say hello to…Monday.

For a while, I have been living on an adrenaline high. Excited to have my blog up and running, fully investing myself into Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), working my corporate job and freelance designing in addition. Continuously setting and accomplishing my goals.

Suddenly, my energy changed. With Easter, my weekend schedule was extra packed. There was no time to just breathe. Work to family gathering. YTT to family gathering. Family gathering to family gathering. I enjoyed every single moment of it, but arriving home Sunday evening I felt exhausted. I missed just being at home with Brad.

I did not listen Sunday.

I pushed myself. I sat down to write my next blog post. What is typically fun, easy and meticulous became frustrating, hard and imperfect. I woke up Monday morning still holding onto those negative feelings. I dreaded heading to work where I knew the week would bring deadlines and longer than normal hours. I was stressing before I even stepped foot out the door.

It is another lesson learned in yoga. Some days your body will ask for movement. Other days your body will need more rest between poses. Even days when your body might just feel like laying on the mat, breathing mindfully.

Listen to your body. The important thing is…you showed up.

"Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up."

-Brené Brown

Maybe if I had listened to my body and given it a break Sunday evening, Monday would have been different. I might have seen Monday for what it is worth – a fresh start, the chance to set a tone for the week, to work towards new goals.

I listened Monday.

I just went home. Typically, I would have headed to the gym and taken yoga classes for two hours as additional practice for YTT. But my body was begging me not to. Instead, Brad and I had dinner and caught up on some of our favorite TV shows. It was a moment to just breathe.

Mondays happen. No matter when, where or how…at least you showed up.

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