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Artistic Spirit Unlocked


Today, there is a lot of pressure to be creative. Marriage proposals are over the top, parties are themed from top to bottom, and even meals are works of art. Do-it-yourself has been taken to the next level thanks to social media, especially, Pinterest. The problem is you often find “inadequacy.” If your result is not picture worthy, you label it a failure.

Instead of trying to measure up, seek to find tools of inspiration. The real picture is in your heart, in the love you put into a project. Your artistic spirit, unique to you, holds the key to your creativity. Sometimes it just needs to be unlocked.

Do not let someone else define how you do it…discover-it-yourself.

"Life is about using the whole box of crayons."


5 simple ways to discover your creativity:

1. Personalize something. Make a homemade card for a special occasion. Design and pot your own flower arrangement. Bake a cake and use it as a blank canvas for decorating.

2. Get motivated. Write inspiring quotes on stickies and leave them in your office, kitchen, or car. Buy a decorative chalkboard where you can display a quote-of-the-day. For something more permanent, design a gallery wall in your home office using your favorite quotes as artwork.

3. See things differently. Take a new route to work, school or home for a week. Along the way, notice new things to appreciate – a cluster of trees, the roofline on a row of buildings, an animal grazing in a local farmyard.

4. Brighten things up. Repaint a room in your house. Did you know purple encourages creativity? For a more practical option, go for a stimulating earth-tone.

5. Write it down. Start a document titled, “Dreams” – add any thoughts or images as they come to mind. Assemble an inspirational scrapbook – use magazines or your own personal photo collection. Keep a journal and write down three things you are grateful for daily – you might be surprised.

Creativity does not have to be picture worthy. Take the pressure off…discover-it-yourself.

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