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Stacking Up Style

Our Home Library

Brad was a total bachelor when he moved in. For the most part only the essentials came with him. The one exception – a massive book collection. I went from owning fewer than twenty books, to needing space for almost one hundred. With an ever-growing collection, I had to find a way to manage his love of books and reading with my love for organization and design.

My other half is a bookworm…challenge accepted.

Last spring, we decided to redesign and redecorate our home office. In the process, I saw an opportunity to solve the shrinking space for books and make the interior designer in me very happy – a chance to shop for new home décor. One bookshelf turned into two and our mini home library came to life. Now, I see the books on the shelves as decorative art and our office is one of my favorite rooms in our house.

This week alone, seven books were added to the shelves.​

"Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love."

-Nate Berkus

My 5 tips for styling bookshelves:

1. Organize and categorize. Before stacking the shelves, sort books by topic, type, or author. It will help with designing layouts of each shelf. Plus, it will be easier to find particular books later.

2. Mix it up.

Stack books vertical and horizontal; even turn them at an angle. Stack some according to height, and others sporadically. The different directions and sizes will make the arrangements more visually appealing.

3. Do not be afraid of texture.

A combination of materials makes each shelf more interesting. Combine glass and metal, or wood and ceramic – even all of the above. The contrasting colors and materials of the books just enhance the display.

4. Use functional accents.

Decorative boxes, tins, and baskets add a stylish touch and create effective storage solutions. Keep tools, keepsakes, or art supplies out of plain sight. Or use them to hold smaller books and free up valuable shelf space.

5. Make it personal.

Amongst the books add framed photos, decorative accents, or collectibles. Design with a theme or color scheme in mind. Most importantly, make it uniquely special.

With a bit of style and purpose…turn books into decorative art.

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