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The Energy Inside

Air, Fire, Or Water

Back in the day it was cool to take cheesy magazine quizzes. Are You In Love, Or Is It Just A Crush? What Is Your Power Color? Are You Too Stressed Out? As if the evaluation were an exact truth. Clinging to it word for word if it was believed to be accurate, mocking it as a “stupid magazine quiz” if it seemed far from the truth. Well, Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) just made cheesy quizzes cool again, and I am clinging to it.

What’s Your Dosha?

Based on Ayurveda, a holistic approach to health with a close relationship to yoga, doshas are energy types. There are three types believed to be present in every single person – one or two more dominant than the others. Things such as environment and season, diet and sleep pattern, and relationships and experiences can stabilize them or send them out of whack. Body, mind, and spirit are affected by their fluctuations.

"It does not matter if you are a rose, or lotus, or marigold. What matters is that you are flowering."


The three types of dosha are…

Vata is dominated by air and space elements. This energy is associated with the body’s motion. When balanced, creativity and strength are flowing. When imbalanced, fear and anxiety are crippling.

Pitta is dominated by fire and water elements. This energy is associated with the body’s metabolic systems. When balanced, motivation and intelligence soar. When imbalanced, anger and inflammation rise.

Kapha is dominated by of water and earth elements. This energy is associated with the body’s growth. When balanced, love and forgiveness are expressed. When imbalanced, envy and stubbornness are shown.

To simplify it, think of dosha as personality types.

I filled out a three-page dosha quiz in YTT this week based on physical, mental and emotional characteristics. I am predominately a Vata. Accurate does not cut it. Creativity is typically flowing in my world as a designer every day. When I am stressed I get anxious, have a hard time focusing, and tend to take everything to the extreme. Intrigued by my own results, I asked Brad to take it. He is predominately a Pitta. Dosha wins again. Brad amazes me everyday with the random facts and depth of knowledge he has on just about everything. When something does not come easily to him he grows frustrated. Maybe the steady air in me allows his fire to burn bright.

Want to be cool, again? Take a shorten version of the quiz and learn more HERE.

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