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Enjoying The Ride

A Symbol Of Freedom

I bought a set of adorable bowls today. I was not shopping for them. I have plenty of bowls already. I do not know exactly what I will use them for. Still, I could not leave the store without them. I had to have them simply because of the symbol wrapping around the outside of each one. There is something about a bicycle.

I do not own a real one.

Instead, I have a growing collection of things with a bicycle on them, or shaped like one. I do not really know how or when it started. But over time, I have collected paintings, sculptures, clocks, coffee mugs, towels, jewelry, and clothing – plus, a set of bowls – all embellished with the same symbol. I started thinking about what draws me to a bicycle.

I rarely ride a real one.

When I do have a chance to ride a bicycle, it is liberating. Evoking thoughts of being a kid again – carefree and unafraid. Like an escape from the norm – no need for gas or power. Usually experienced in the best of settings – in the park or at the beach. A bicycle gives me an opportunity to take a road less traveled.

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

-Albert Einstein

I enjoy taking artistic photos of real ones.

When I see bicycles, I think of freedom. To move forward – pedaling faster or slower as you go. To explore – go your own way and be adventurous. To relax – breathe in fresh air and take time for yourself. I see a bicycle as a reminder.

Remember to go at your own pace, discover new things, keep breathing…and focus on enjoying the ride.

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