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How "Trash" Becomes Treasure

Yard Sale Dos And Don'ts

Spring-cleaning is in full effect! Our community yard sale is coming up – a tradition I look forward to every year. I find happiness in others’ excitement about things I no longer need or want. It is satisfying to see what I now consider “trash” become someone else’s treasure. After four years of participating, I think I have the art of yard sale-ing down pat. So start sorting through those cabinets, drawers, and closets, and follow these simple dos and don’ts to earn some extra cash this spring.

The DOS and DON’TS of Yard Sale-ing:

DO stock pile. With our yard sale traditionally in May, I have found it best to start gathering things at the start of the New Year. Chances are new stuff accumulated over the holiday season, and some of the old can be parted with. A good rule of thumb is to collect items over a four to six-month period.

DON’T put a price on it. I suggest keeping a price list to refer to, or simply making mental notes ahead of setup. But a physical price tag or sticker can deter potential buyers from bargaining – or cause a missed opportunity for a killer sale with an offer larger than expected.

DO organize and categorize. In a store, if the shelves and racks are not organized, I will not shop. With a little care, yard sale items can be presented just as well. It saves shoppers time and patience when they do not have to dig and sort, and also makes it easier to keep an inventory of what has been sold.

"Keep what is worth keeping and with the breath of kindness, blow the rest away."

-Dinah M. Craik

DON’T be pushy. In my experience, it is best to just say hello and let shoppers graze. They often casually look and will typically linger and speak up if something catches their eye. There is no need to try too hard.

DO bag and wrap. I would not want to have to load everything I bought at the store into my arms and lug it to my car. Same rule applies to yard sale-ing. For the big buyers, have bags to put purchases in. Having newspaper, tissue paper, or bubble wrap for the fragile items is also handy.

DON’T bring anything home. If I tried to sell it, it no longer serves me and I will not miss it. Pack any unsold items in the car and take them straight to a local donation center. The tax write-off is thanks enough.

At some point, all yard sale “trash” was a treasure in our own home and life. Let it go happily for someone else to cherish!

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