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Swinging For The Fences

Choose Your Pitch

March through May did not have many off-days. At times, it felt like constantly trying to hit a one hundred mile per hour fastball out of the park. Between blogging every other day, Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) three days a week, working full-time, a handful of freelance design projects – plus all the other demands of daily life, even this self-proclaimer “doer” was ready to stop batting cleanup.

Bench me, please.

In the days since YTT, one universal truth keeps repeating in my head – exercise and rest are essential to vibrant health. It is so important to soak up those moments in the middle of the inning, to take a seventh inning stretch.

"I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back."

-Maya Angelou

With summer quickly approaching, I am looking forward to off-days. Our annual vacations have been on the books for a while – a family beach week in Sandbridge and a trip to Chapman Lake to visit my uncle. But I am giddy about our recently booked trip to Chicago. Brad has never been and is already planning out the best restaurants to satisfy our foodie-ness. I visited six years ago, but missed out on one sight I really wanted to see – Wrigley Field. Unfortunately, the Cubs were away. But this time, we made it a point to visit during a home stand. This baseball fan cannot wait to experience America’s pastime in a ballpark so rich with history and tradition.

And now, I will choose my pitch.

Blog when it makes sense. Freelance design for projects I find joy in. Add cardio and weight training back into my workout, while continuing my yoga practice. This week, with fear of striking out, I tried Warrior Sculpt for the first time. For lack of a better explanation, it is a high-intensity yoga class using weights. It is definitely a curveball, but totally energizing! I think it earned a spot in the workout rotation.

Some days are like batting cleanup, other days more like coming off the bench to pinch-hit. Regardless, not every day has to be a home run. A single is still a hit. A walk earns a base. A high-five from the dugout goes a long way.

Just keep trying to score runs…and be sure to stretch between innings.

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