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Because Best Friends


Peanut butter needs jelly because some things are just better together. A little black dress needs a killer pair of heels because some things bring out the beauty in one another. Yin needs yang because some things are incomplete without their other half. And it has been said that every brunette needs a blonde best friend.


For the past twenty-seven years, Kelly has been more than just a best friend. She has been like a sister to me. She left her mark on my life early on – literally. Way back when, we thought it would be a great idea to attempt to ride one Big Wheel together. So with Kelly in the driver’s seat, I hopped on back. But the scars on my knees as evidence, I had a lousy grip and our childhood street had hard pavement.

Growing up, we did everything together – ridiculous and awesome…or ridiculously awesome. We made up songs to keep from needing to use the bathroom while playing outside. We camped out in Kelly’s jungle gym, sleeping bags and all. We even created a girl group called the “Coolsters” – a triple threat of singing, dancing, and roller skating.

"Some people make your laugh a little louder, your smile a little brighter and your life a little better."


After ten years, Kelly and her family moved from right next door. But what seemed like a tragic distance at thirteen – not even 10 miles – clearly changed nothing. Nor did the years spent apart in college. I had the joy of being Kelly’s Maid of Honor almost three years ago, standing by her side with so many fun and beautiful memories shared and even more to come.

Luckily, less than ten miles still separate us. Although now, we are more likely to be singing Taylor Swift together, having sleepovers in our very own houses, wine included, and creating the next Halloween or New Year’s party theme. And because Minnie needs Mickey, Kelly and I have Rob and Brad to consider best friends, too.

Today is National Best Friend day. Celebrate the amazing person or persons who make your days extra special.

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