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Inhale Peace, Exhale Love


Many people believe love is hard and complicated. Significant meaning and value is placed on saying “I love you.” It is held close and considered sacred, when ultimately every human being needs, wants, and deserves love. Often forgotten, it is more than just a romantic relationship between two people – the difference of showing love versus being in love. So sadly, hate seems to flow more freely in this world than any expression of love. But hate is what is hard. So crazy complicated it is devastating.

Something has to change.

No news is good news. There is so much hate, violence, and despair in the world. It makes me sick. It breaks my heart. It even keeps me up at night. So, I refuse to tune into it, along with any other horrifying or violent program. Some people sarcastically say I live in a world filled with flowers, butterflies, and rainbows.

I like to imagine it that way.

If I had it my way, only sports, comedy, and a dose of reality TV would be available for viewing – I admit to being a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette junkie (a premise of love, opinions aside!). No, these things are not perfect either, but nothing ever is. The goodness is found in things to root for, reasons to laugh so hard you cry, and positive vibes.

As children, pure love exists. It knows no boundaries. It is not affected by race, religion, or sexuality. So like everything else, hate is taught and learned. Sometimes as a result of negative experiences or relationships. More vividly, it is seen in the media, glorified in television programs. It scares me to think children, like my two young nieces, are being raised in a society swarming with hate and violence.

"In a gentle way, you can shake the world."


Remove the complication and just love…everyone.

Give a smile, a wave, or a friendly “hello” to the stranger you pass by on the street. Allow space for the person merging into rush hour traffic. Show gratitude to the barista who happily makes your coffee every morning, and address them by name. Hold the door for the person two steps, or even ten feet behind you. Simple acts of kindness are expressions of love, and can be contagious.

Be a rainbow…spread some love today. Without a doubt this world surely needs it.

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