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Fit Fun In The Sun

Summer Is Here

One of my favorite things about living in Maryland is the change of seasons. It is wonderful to have an opportunity to experience each one fully. I look forward to pumpkin everything in the Fall, beautiful blankets of snow in the Winter, and planting flowers in the Spring. But I am so ready for a barefoot Summer…it is finally here! Bring on the sandy toes, umbrella drinks, and hats for days.

"Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air."


In between hours of simply soaking up summer sunshine, try 30 minutes of any of these activities to feel even better. Plus, ease the guilt of your second umbrella drink!

5 Fit Fun in the Sun Activities:

Estimated calories are based on a weight of 150 pounds.

1. Search for seashells down by the seashore. Estimated 160 Calories

Add a leisurely stroll along the sand to a lovely Summer day at the beach. Dip your toes in the water and collect a few washed up treasures along the way. With the sand offering resistance, twice as much energy is used, while strengthening feet and leg muscles.​

2. Pick something sweet to eat. Estimated 125 Calories

Many local farms offer pick-your-own berries and other fruits. Grab a basket and head out alone, or with friends and family. Then enjoy the fruits of your labor as sweet healthy snacks, recipe inspirations, or a Summer cookout sharable.

3. Get lost in a pool daze.

Estimated 90-125 Calories

Kicking back poolside is a Summer favorite. When the heat calls for a refreshing dip, get a little exercise by walking the width of the pool or treading water. If you are feeling motivated, swim a few laps before heading back for your towel.

4. Play in the dirt. Estimated 55-180 Calories

Burn calories all Summer long maintaining the perfect lawn. Mowing gets the job done, even if your yard requires a ride-on. Earn some extra exercise points planting a garden and taking time to water it daily.

5. Act like a kid again. Estimated 180-395 Calories

Throw it back with a couple childhood activities. Build strength in your core muscles using a weighted hula hoop, or go back to basics and jump rope to turn up the cardio. Make it a contest for some recess-like Summer fun.

Time to get up out of the lounge chair and move a bit…cheers to a relaxingly fit summer!

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