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In Transition

Moments Remembered

It starts with a lack of effort in the “hello.” Focus shifts to the in-between. Working hardest on the part deemed important. After all, it is the bulk of the journey. But then it ends with even less blood, sweat, or tears put into the “goodbye.” Why? Because it is forgotten that the middle would never happen without the transition, and those moments make the lasting impression.

The beginning and the end.

I said “hello” to Brad for the first time in January 2010. There was nothing spectacular about the timing or setting. We were introduced at a company holiday party as I was being recruited to join the team. But I remember his enthusiasm, warmth, and genuineness. It was unknown in that moment he would end up being my husband-in-training in this crazy thing called life, but he was certainly someone I would remember.

Several months passed before our paths crossed in the office, again. Now part of the same team, we developed a friendship. This friendship in-between witnessed it’s own series of transitions through marriage and divorce – on both accounts.

At a time when I felt completely lost, I found comfort and support in a friend who had experienced the same thing. After I closed one door in my life, I opened a new door when Brad and I had our first official date. We went to a Paint Nite. A couple across the room got engaged when the guy painted “will you marry me?” on his canvas. I remember thinking…this must be a sign.

After six years of being coworkers, turned friends, turned partners, today I have to say “goodbye” to Brad (only at work, of course). His departure will be made with even more enthusiasm, warmth, and genuineness than when he arrived because he realizes what counts. With excitement we look forward to what this career transition will bring for him and for the next chapter of our lives together.

"If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello."

-Paulo Coehlo

Moments in the middle of a journey cannot be forgotten, nor taken for granted. But it is the tiny moments at the beginning and end that are remembered most. So work hard for, and cherish those times, too. After all, they bring change and possibility, and butterflies to the stomach.

Hello and goodbye. Opened and closed. Lost and found. Moments of transition…those light us up.

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