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Close To Home

In the 90’s it was the best spot to hunt for the most coveted Beanie Babies with my parents. In the 2000’s I danced away countless nights at local bars. I celebrated my high school graduation with family and friends at one of the restaurants. And five years later reminisced with classmates at a reunion. I even signed life-changing papers in the county courthouse atop the hill. There were countless friend’s bachelorette parties, family birthday dinners, and normal Saturday nights.

Historic Ellicott City is full of memories.

Every time Brad and I visit, we never leave without saying how we wish it were closer. It is only a short drive across Howard County from where we live, but it has a different kind of charm. The kind we want – and need – more of in a place so dominated by commercialization.

Historic Ellicott City is a rare gem.

Typically, this type of devastation would keep me from following the news on it. But now, I watch coverage of the flood out of sheer disbelief. Knowing I sang and danced in those bars. Satisfied my inner foodie at those restaurants. Perused those unique shops and boutiques. Knowing I walked years worth of steps up and down that street.

Historic Ellicott City is close to home.

"Storms make trees take deeper roots."

-Dolly Parton

My heart hurts deeply for the business owners, the merchants and artisans, and the residents alike. For the charming little city whose rich history washed away in an instant, but will never be forgotten…and will only come back stronger.

Ways We Can Help...

The United Way of Central Maryland has setup a fund called "ECStrong" to support humanitarian relief for the victims.

Text: ECStrong to 51555 OR Visit:

The Ellicott City Partnership is collecting funds to help residents and merchants.

The Community Action Council, which coordinates the Howard County Food Bank, is accepting food donations.


Jailbreak Brewing Company is hosting a fundraiser August 4th to aid recovery efforts. Half of all revenue will go to charity. This event is free and kids are welcome.

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