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August Must Haves

5 Things I Love Right Now

August is a month of transition. Summer is coming to an end, school is back in session, and Fall is beginning to take over. Stores are oddly a cross between the beach and Halloween. Fittingly, my current obsessions are kind of all over the place. Heels by day and yoga pants by night bring style must haves and a book recommendation, while the foodie in me drools over a must have kitchen tool and snack.

5 Things I Love Right Now...

Yin Yoga appears simple from the outside – extended, passive holds of physical postures – but on the inside it is deeply complex. Yin works the connective tissues of the ligaments, fascia, joints and bones, and the energetic channels of the meridians, nerves and blood system. The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark leaves no question unanswered from how to get into a pose, to how to modify it, to the benefits it releases on the mind, body, heart, and soul. At the end of Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) this was on the recommended list of must haves and I could not agree more.

My older brother makes fun of me because I am “uni-tool” obsessed. I am a total sucker for the avocado slicer, strawberry huller, apple corer…need I go on? My parents gifted me this herb mill for Christmas and I do not think I have put it down. Chop fresh herbs effortlessly to add to a favorite recipe, or fill it and leave it on the table (think salt grinder) for topping off a tasty dish. Plus, it is easily cleaned with five simply detachable parts. If perfectly chopped cilantro for homemade guacamole is happiness, this is a must have.

It is no secret I have a sweet tooth, but I also work hard to keep a healthy diet. Enter best of both worlds – Delighted By is gluten-free, vegan, and all-natural, making it a perfect mid-day snack or dessert. I discovered it at Wegman’s and have tried every kind. They are all so yummy it is tough to pick a favorite, but I would have to go with Brownie Batter. Grab some sliced fruit, cinnamon or caramel pita chips, or just a spoon and make this a must have.

As an avid wearer of yoga pants and hater of underwear lines I have been searching for the perfect fix, without compromising comfort. Finally, I found a winner! The new VS Raw Cut Thong is so super smooth, seamless, and totally elastic-free, making it almost unnoticeable against the skin. The low-rise, breathable fabric makes it ideal for practicing yoga, and practical for everyday wear. Plus at 5 for $27.50, these cannot be passed up as a must have.

Corporate Kristina loves a great pair of heels (and typically loves kicking them off immediately when getting home). Recently, it seems every pair I am drawn to is by Nine West. I scored some unique pumps for Fall from DSW – the Spiced Pump and Margot Leopard Pump, but there are plenty of everyday options to choose from, too. Check out the Shimmer Leather Pump. Suddenly, I am not in such a hurry to kick off my heels because they are unbelievably confortable. Style meets comfort for a must have shoe brand.

I promise you will love these things, too…happy shopping!

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