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September Must Haves

5 Things I Love Right Now

Cool, crisp fall air has finally set in this week. I am ready to cozy up by the fire, with a blanket and a cup of pumpkin spice tea. The mood is totally therapeutic. Aroma therapy, muscle therapy, culinary therapy…and my favorite, retail therapy. Find out what soothes the soul with this month’s list of must have items.

5 Things I Love Right Now...

Fall aromas are currently abundant in our house thanks to my favorite scented candles from Bath & Body Works. The 3-wick design burns evenly and thoroughly, with the scent lingering long after the candle is blown out. Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte with notes of sandalwood, ginger, and praline is currently bringing the coffeehouse right to our kitchen. With over 50 to choose from, there is a must have scent for everyone.

A member of my Kula from Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) gifted each of us one of these pillows filled with cherry pits on graduation day. I mentioned Brad’s nagging “tennis elbow” in my last blog and he has been using Cherapy to relieve it. I find it super soothing when a headache comes on. The elongated design allows flexibility for bending and wrapping, while the fabric cover is comfortable against the skin. Use it hot (heat in for 1 minute or so in the microwave) or cold (chill for 30 minutes in the freezer) – either way, this pillow is a must have.

Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique where physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points. Blockages, or “toxins,” are cleared from meridians of the body where life energy flows with increased circulation. The heatable acuBall (found cheaper on Amazon!) is a simple at-home treatment. Relax, repair, and restore* muscles, joints, and energy with this healing must have.

*Bonus unintended use Brad makes fun of me for – scratcher. Rub instead of roll and it feels AH-MAZING!

‘Tis the season of pumpkin pies, pumpkin cupcakes, and pumpkin cookies. With five versatile sizes, these bowls are ideal for mixing up any of the above. When the baking is done, use them as serving bowls for your next dinner party, adding a pop of color thanks to the bright exterior palette. The nesting design allows this must have to be easily stacked and stored for you to use again, and again – because you will!

Fall style is made of cozy cardigans paired with a graphic tees. Designed in Austin, Texas, Buy Me Brunch shirts are soft, perfectly fitted, and even witty. They won me over with the Turn Up Tank and What I Want Tee. I also could not resist the Beast Tee for Brad. I bet you laugh at more than one shirt from this must have brand.

I promise you will love these things, too…happy shopping!

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