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Costume For Two, Please

Simple Halloween Ideas

Since the beginning of our Halloweens together, Brad and I have always been a fan of couple costumes. No surprise, really – we semi-coordinate outfits before going anywhere together, and have almost four years worth of photos to prove it. We are drawn to creative ideas that do not break the bank, leave us uncomfortable during a party, or require piling on makeup. No surprise, again – scary, morbid, and violent are completely out of the question. I am currently in the crafting stage of this year’s costumes.

"May the only spirits that invade your home this Halloween be the spirits of good friends."


A look at our costumes over the past three years...

2013, the year of the Royal Baby. Brad and I recreated the image of the Royal Family leaving the hospital after Prince George was born. A simple blue dress with white polka dots and heels made me Kate. A light blue oxford (sleeves rolled up!), paired with navy trousers and brown loafers and Brad became William. Nothing we did not already have in our everyday wardrobe! With details of a clean shave, a fake baby, and a knock-off sapphire diamond ring it was pure royalty.

2014, the year of the wigs. I remembered my little brother having a huge stuffed Scooby Doo as a kid. Luckily, my mom was still holding on to it, meaning Brad and I could be just a couple of "meddling kids." As Velma, I wore an orange sweater, red skirt, orange tube socks, and red heels, complete with a red bob-style wig. As Shaggy, Brad wore a green polo, brown pants, and black shoes topped off with a brown shag-style wig. For the finishing touches, contact lenses were exchanged for glasses and the beard for a goatee. The only thing missing was the Mystery Machine.

2015, the year of gluttony. My best friend, Kelly, and her husband, Rob, host a super festive Halloween party every year. Last year the theme was Seven Deadly Sins and we wanted to dress the part. Playing off my cupcake obsession, I took on the role of the baker, while Brad became my gluttonous victim. Wearing my apron filled with baking tools and carrying a tray of cupcakes with my oven mitt, I covered Brad with powdered sugar and frosting for effect. The sprinkles – the essence – of our costume were graphic tees. Real Men Eat Cupcakes and Life Is Short Eat Dessert First. This original costume gave me an excuse to bake (and eat!) cupcakes.

A 2015 bonus costume…

Having a second Halloween party to go, we opted for our simplest costume yet. In cocktail party attire and lion and tiger masks we were just a couple of “Party Animals.”

Who or what will we be costuming this year? Stay tuned…and while you wait, get creative with a costume of your own!

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