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I Live For This

Today is the best day. My love for Fall is more than pumpkin everything and a great pair of boots…it is baseball. The Fall Classic, The World Series. While I always hope to be watching the Yankees come October, who is playing does not make much difference. I am truly a fan of baseball. I pick a team, and I root for them as if I always have. And this year, I am rooting hard for the Chicago Cubs.

Go Cubs Go.

I mentioned my first ever trip to Wrigley Field in September. I could have sworn it was the World Series that sunny afternoon. It was electric. The hometown fans cheered on every play, hung on every pitch. The atmosphere was totally and completely everything I love about the game. It was definitive the Cubs were headed to The Postseason, and I left a fan…rooting for history.

Go Cubs Go.

"Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world."

-Babe Ruth

A come back. A broken curse. A weathered drought in the making. What is not to root for? This predominantly young team is exciting to watch. The Cubs were down 2-1 to the Dodgers in the Championship Series, and just about everyone in the sports world was counting them out. This series is over. But they came back to win in 6 games and as almost every Cubs player exhaled during the post-game, it was “unbelievable.” The Curse of the Billy Goat was broken. And it happened on October 22, the exact day of the 1970 death of the bar owner who brought the goat to the stadium back in 1945 – I cannot make this stuff up.

After the win in Game 6, I think all of Chicago could be heard singing along. I could not resist joining in. Again, the catchy, victory song tradition at Wrigley Field was stuck in my head. Hey, Chicago what do you say…

After 108 years…I hope the ‘W’ flies when the Cubs win the World Series. The Cubs are gonna win today.

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