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Choose Thankful

Today, Tomorrow, Always

What are you thankful for? When we are asked this common question, generic responses are a no-brainer. Wonderful family and friends, a good career, a house to call home – all the comforts. It is pretty safe to say, our brain would not immediately lead us to a place where we are thankful for health concerns, debt, or a failed marriage – all the challenges. But perhaps we should reflect a little deeper.

"Thankfulness creates gratitude which generates contentment that causes peace."

-Todd Stocker

In church this past Sunday, our pastor asked us to be thankful for the adversity we have or will come to face in life. Instead of celebrating only experiences of joy and happiness, to be thankful for triumph in times of pain and sadness. To run through life with endless hope, instead of letting despair take over when times get tough. Because regardless, at the top of the steep hill we are climbing, there is a gentle slope back down the other side.

Remember, everything in life is impermanent.

The biggest adversity I have faced in my life was going through a divorce. As odd as it may seem, I was optimistic about the mental and emotional struggle ahead from the minute I knew my marriage was over. I was only 26 – hopeful about finding true love. It did not feel like starting over – thankful to avoid a move or search for a new home. There were no children in the picture – grateful to only have to fight for myself.

After the tears, there was triumph. Without the heartbreak of that experience, there would be no Brad, or husband-in-training. Even more, I would have never learned what it means to love or be loved. And when Brad and I sit down, with each of our families for Thanksgiving tomorrow, I will find peace in the trials and tribulations that brought us together.

Choose thankful in the good, the bad, and the ugly…today, tomorrow, and always.

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