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January Must Haves

5 Things I Love Right Now

Hard to believe we are almost one month down. By now, everyone is settling in to the new year. New goals are being hit, new chapters are being written, and new dreams are being chased. Maybe that’s why I feel like my current must have items offer a common thread of renewal – check out this month’s list!

5 Things I Love Right Now...

1. Aim True by Kathryn Budig Internationally respected Yoga Teacher, Kathryn Budig released her second book, Aim True, in March 2016. I received it as a Christmas gift. The book, titled after her constant message meant to empower students, shines with pages full of energizing yoga sequences, simple healthy recipes, meditation techniques, and more. This must have gift will keep giving all year long.

Like many teenage girls, I went through years of over-plucking. I was obsessed with shaping my eyebrows and making sure they never looked “bushy.” Fast-forward to today and I am left regretting it. For so long, I have felt I had to continue down the thin brow path. Now, beautifully healthy eyebrows are in my future. Thanks to this must have serum I am saying goodbye to the tweezers and hello to regrowth.

I have never been into buying high-end cosmetics or beauty tools. So, trying to find a set of makeup brushes without rough bristles which inevitably fall out or relentlessly trap makeup residue has been an ongoing process. But this Six Piece Essential Eye Collection is a keeper that does not break the bank. Not only is it eco- friendly – made out of all recycled materials – it comes with a fun pouch for easy storage. Plus, the Cleansing Cloths make keeping the brushes like new no problem. This natural beauty brand is a must have.

No matter the vision or purpose I show up with, this store continuously overwhelms me (in the best way possible). You know, when you went for vase fillers, but left with wall décor…again! I am currently updating and redesigning our kitchen and living-dining room space, which only means five Hobby Lobby trips in the past six days. This store is a creative must have – for everything from floral accents to accent furniture.

Okay, renewal is definitely a stretch here. But every girl needs a stylish way to carry her lunch! Choose from three adorable styles online, or visit a local Old Navy store for unique styles offered (like “EAT” pictured). The generous size allows plenty of space for packing lots of treats, and the zippered, insulated interior keeps everything fresh. A girl has got to eat, so this tote is a must have.

I promise you will love these things, too…happy shopping!

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