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Something Is Missing

A Cautious Reminder

Do you have your keys? Did you lock the door? BE CAREFUL. I heard these things on repeat every day from my teenage years until the day I moved out of my parents’ house. At times, it seemed ridiculously redundant and semi-irritating, but it also made me abundantly cautious, mindful, and aware. Admittedly, sometimes to the extreme – one day, my poor kids will be the definition of “stranger danger.”

And earlier this week, I was reminded this is a reality we live in.

I rushed home, eager to hang new wall décor that had been delivered. Excitement turned to disappointment when I pulled into the driveway and saw no packages on the porch. Optimistic, I assumed there was an error in the delivery scan and it would update to the following day. Then, I realized another delivery – a package of hairspray – was also missing.

My stomach sank, my heart raced.

Now, I experienced fear and frustration. Stolen packages aside, most upsetting was someone without good intentions near our home, on our porch – it is a violating feeling no matter how small the offense. After speaking to UPS, the driver confirmed he had in fact made a delivery at 1:37pm, leaving it with the other boxes delivered by FedEx at 11:18am. I arrived home at 3:00pm – probably minutes behind whoever took them.

"I'm an optimist, but I'm an optimist who carries a raincoat."

-Harold Wilson

We live in a safe neighborhood where packages are delivered to us regularly without worry (Amazon Prime shoutout!). But now, my better safe than sorry nature is leading me to deliveries requiring a signature, racing home to intercept them, or shipping items to my office when in doubt. Thanks to the helpful folks at FedEx, UPS, Joss & Main, and Target, all of the items will be replaced at no extra charge.

Theft – along with violence, and hate – is something I will never understand. It is a much brighter world when it is filled with love and happy things. Hopefully the person who stole my packages is enjoying beautifully decorated walls and perfectly styled hair…

Kill ‘em with kindness…and BE CAREFUL.

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