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The Good Wine

Hello, Aunt K

When you have been friends – best friends – for almost 28 years, you share in a lot of joys. But never in all these years have I been happier for my best friend than the moment she told me she was pregnant with her first child. Funny thing is, it surprised us both! I have been itching to share the creative way her husband, Rob, revealed their baby news, and there is no better day than today – Kelly’s birthday.

About two months ago, we planned a girl’s night. Typically, just our more adult way of saying, “let’s drink wine.” Without hesitation, I offered to bring over a bottle – Kelly never objected (in hindsight, she never acknowledged it either). After shopping and picking up dinner we settled back at Kelly and Rob’s house. It was around 8:00 pm, meaning I was approaching hangry mode.

Just before I could crack open the bottle, Kelly stopped me because she had some “good wine” she wanted to bring out. After an intense search of the wine rack with no luck, she said she had to call Rob. I was so confused (we have this bottle right here we can drink and I am starving!) Rob insisted it was there, so Kelly took a second look. She did not find the wine, but she did find a note in its place:

Uh oh, where’d it go. Ya’ll will have to find the good wine…Your Husband is such a TOOL!

What the heck is this bottle made of, gold?! Stomach growling, hangry hippo approaching, I suggested we just open the original bottle, eat, and THEN crack the code on Rob’s silly game. To distract me, Kelly told me to open the other bottle while she called Rob back. Laughing, he told her to enjoy the scavenger hunt. Well now, curiosity about the “good wine” trumped everything and the search was on…

Clue #2 in the drawer of Rob's tool box: Above the fridge! (He gave us that one.)

Clue #3 in the kitchen cabinet: Your Shoes, you lose!

Clue #4 in Kelly’s shoe: Almost there! Under where?

Final Clue in (you guessed it) the underwear drawer: Drink yourself to sleep, all in one place.

We tore apart every bedroom in their house – fail. Finally, I realized that would be too obvious. They have a bar room downstairs where the couch is a pull-out bed. We hurried down the stairs and Kelly lifted the cushion…JACKPOT! She quickly handed me the “good wine.” It was wrapped with a tiny red ribbon and a piece of paper. I read the familiar bottle label “First Baby,” then I noticed a note on the piece of paper (a sonogram photo) “Hello Aunt K,” and cue the tears – happy tears.

"Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart."

-Winnie the Pooh

I exclaimed, “I did not see this coming!” To which Kelly said, “Neither did I!” She had no idea Rob planned the scavenger hunt. She just anticipated surprising me by handing me the “First Baby” bottle. It was part of a set of celebratory “First” bottles I designed and gifted them at her bridal shower four years ago. My best friend is going to be a mom, and I could not be happier for her and her thoughtfully creative hubby. Only six more months before they can drink the “good wine.”

Happy Birthday, Kelly…a “Little Baby Bird” told me 32 will be your best year yet!

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