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Seven Eleven

My heart was racing. Endlessly dreaming of a particular day, you still cannot prepare yourself for the emotion that overcomes you at the single moment in time when it arrives. We strolled hand in hand along the beach. Coincidentally, someone was setting off fireworks (for a second, I thought they were for us). Walking back to the house, I saw a glow in the near distance of the night. Moving closer, I was able to make out the perfect shape of a heart.

My stomach was in complete knots. Just to keep things romantic, I told Brad I was going to throw up (don’t worry, I didn’t). Then I asked, “is this really happening?” To which Brad chuckled, replied, “yes,” and proceeded to profess his love to me while I sobbed uncontrollably in excitement.

Tuesday, July 11th around 9:20pm at Sandbridge Beach.

Standing on the dunes, with only the light from the heart-shaped candles, Brad dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him. Yes, yes, 100 times…YES! After our special moment together, we rushed in the beach house to share the big news with my family waiting inside. My mom summed it up best, “Finally!”

Brad and I are engaged!

"I love you, and that’s the beginning and end of everything."

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

I never dropped hints, we never went looking, I always told him, “whatever you want.” I wanted no say in my future engagement ring. To me, it was important for Brad to choose the ring he felt represented me and our love best. It is no secret the man has great taste – he was voted best dressed in high school (I’m saving the photos for a rainy day). To no surprise, he chose a stunningly perfect ring. But the personal touches make it the most beautiful.

My Mom and Nana believe my Papa comes to visit us in the form of a butterfly ever since his passing in 2004. In a way, the butterfly has become a family symbol. Brad chose a setting with a curvature similar to wings, having the oval diamond set in it, giving it a slight butterfly effect. My lack of response to Brad’s questions on ring style and color always resulted in him getting me a black diamond. In keeping his promise, he had a tiny black diamond set inside the band.

Everyone’s question now…when is the wedding?

Brad keeps joking about Cinco de Mayo – trying to bribe me with my love for black beans, guacamole, and the thought of a margarita bar. In reality, we are planning on April 2018.

From husband and wife-in-training to husband and wife-to-be. Brad, I #LoveYou4Eberhardt.

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