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Lucky Number Seven

Our Wedding Date

Completely unplanned, ‘lucky number 7’ has gained some significance in our life. If we start from the beginning, Brad was born in nineteen SEVENty-SEVEN. Fast forward and Brad and I got engaged on July 11, 2017 – or SEVEN eleven, twenty SEVENteen. Today’s date? September SEVENth. Important to note only because it is exactly SEVEN months until our wedding day.

We picked our date…April 7, 2018!

"Here’s to love, laughter and happily ever after."


Soon after our engagement, we decided we wanted a vineyard wedding. No offense to our home state of Maryland, but the wine is just not so hot. Thankfully, our neighbors in Virginia know what’s up, so we started looking at potential locations from the over 250 wineries in the state (not overwhelming at all).

We narrowed it down by focusing only on wineries winning a 2017 Governor’s Cup Award. Which was quickly narrowed down even further by the lack of availability for April 2018. I am pretty sure every bride and groom EVER are having a vineyard wedding…next year…in Virginia– points lost on location creativity will be made up in other areas, I promise.

We booked tours at four potential venues, but the search ended at just two. Bluemont Vineyard, completely took our breath away. Neither of us had ever been there, nor sampled the wine. As soon as we turned onto the property, it was a unanimous, “oh, wow!” We agreed it reminded us of one of our favorite stops in Napa ValleyShafer Vineyards.

Bluemont Vineyard was established in two-thousand SEVEN.

The stunning 100-acre, family-owned property was only upstaged by the wedding venue itself, The Stable at Bluemont Vineyard. Barely stepping foot inside, my body was covered in goosebumps with excitement. The rustic beauty and charm was absolutely perfect for our wedding vision. Brad and I shared several glances throughout the tour – as if saying, “this is it,” without saying anything at all. Out on The Stable lawn, the miles of panoramic views pretty much sealed the deal. There was only one thing left to do…

Taste the wine – and it passed the test! We secured our wedding date later that evening.

There are SEVEN days in a week, SEVEN colors of the rainbow, SEVEN notes on a musical scale, SEVEN seas, and SEVEN continents. ‘Lucky number 7’ is the world’s favorite number…and forever, it will be ours.

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