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January Must Haves

5 Things I Love Right Now

Pregnancy brain – heard of it? My mom friends know what I am talking about. Relax, I am not having a baby, but I am having a wedding! Let’s talk about wedding brain. I go shopping and forget what I went for, I drive to the gym when I meant to drive to the grocery store, I pour milk in my bowl of chicken instead of cereal, and I do not think I have slept in three months. What is wrong with me? Do not answer that. I am taking a much-needed sanity break from all things wedding to tell you about some of my current favorites.

5 Things I Love Right Now...

Made in small batches from scratch, you can taste the wholesome freshness in every crunchy bite. Made wheat and dairy-free, all ingredients are also GMO-free and organic, packaged in 100% recyclable materials. Through their Give One for Good Food® program, 1% of all sales are donated to organizations supporting a healthier, more equitable food system. The Toasted Museli is our house favorite – I prefer it with plain non-fat greek yogurt, Brad enjoys it with vanilla and a splash of almond milk. Find out where you can get this Maryland-made must have locally – your taste buds will thank you.

Burt’s Bees Beauty has hit the shelves! Thanks to a good friend who works for the company, I have had the pleasure of enjoying their products before the masses. My absolute favorite product is the Matte Lip Crayon. It comes in six creamy, full-coverage shades – "Sedona Sands" is my everyday go to. The crayon offers lightweight moisture since it is infused with Shea Butter, Kendi Oil, and Jojoba Oil. Make your smile pop with this natural beauty must have.

Unique in design, these watches are modeled after a modern lifestyle. For my birthday, I was gifted the Cassia Series in Zebra & Ivory. There are thirteen different wood materials with multiple styles for both men and women. Each one comes in a gorgeous, decorative wooden box with jute pillow for safekeeping, and little drawer for storing polish and extra links. It is TIME – you must have this hand-crafted wood accessory.

Their slogan is ‘People Against Dirty’ and it is in my top 10 of life mottos. But it gets better – no harmful chemicals, like phosphates or bleach are used in the products. Only non-toxic, environmentally friendly ingredients and fragrances that make for a truly soft, pleasant smelling clean. I am obsessed with the household cleaners – three of my favorites are the Glass + Surface (Mint), Daily Shower Cleaner (Euculyptus Mint), Daily Granite (Orange Tangerine). Fellow dirt haters, you must have these safe, yet powerful cleaning essentials.

Did you really think I could let the wedding thing go completely? Our custom stamp from Red Cloud Studio has been a constant part of our wedding stationary. We were able to modify the original design to fit our vision. The high-quality rubber stamp is mounted onto an engraved recycled maple wood block for a beautifully finished product. Our guests will continue to see it pop up quite a bit in all our wedding details. Check out the Red Cloud Studio Etsy Shop for other must have stamp styles and laser cut goods.

I promise you will love these things, too…happy shopping!

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