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Two Years Later

What I Have Learned

It has been two years since I published my first blog post. From yoga teacher training to design inspiration and life’s little adventures, my Peace of Burlap journey is ever-evolving. Reflecting on our past can help us navigate our future – learn from mistakes, grow mentally and emotionally, and aspire towards new goals. Welcome to my year in review, woven with love, happiness, and creativity.

What I have learned…

Priorities change.

My 2017 New Year’s resolution was to open an Etsy shop. One engagement and a 2018 wedding later, my focus shifted. While Etsy shop is still on my list of priorities, it was bumped little further down. We often write priorities in ink, not pencil. But remember, they can be rewritten at any time. Erasing from our list is just as important as adding to it. Saying “no” creates space for “yes.”

Creativity is a way of life.

Since I was a little girl, I imagined myself as an artist – and as my mom reminded me, so did my Pre-K teacher. Of course, at five years old that dream meant standing at an easel, wearing a smock, painting a masterpiece. While today’s designer reality is a bit different, I still treat everything I put my creative energy into as a “masterpiece.” This year was full of highlights, from my best friend’s gender reveal and baby shower, to my very own wedding. Allow your passion to become your purpose.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."

-Soren Kierkegaard

I am a perfectionist, not a minimalist.

Before Brad and I were engaged, we talked about having a small wedding. Feel free to laugh at that thought. After falling in love with our venue, Bluemont Vineyard, anything short of “all-in” did not feel authentic. Without hours, days, and months of organizing, planning, and creating I would never have been satisfied – and I cannot wait to share all the details after our appropriately “big day.” Perfection is simply measured by moments that make us happy. Put your whole heart into it.

Balance is so important.

See ‘I am a perfectionist, not a minimalist’ above. Point being – balance is often a struggle for me. And no matter your intentions, wedding prep becomes stressful. You are planning a party for 100 plus of your favorite people on the most important day of your life to date – and Pinterest exists. To maintain some level of sanity, I have allowed myself days off from the gym, nights ordering dinner out, and moments just (gasp!) relaxing. But I am looking forward to hitting the vacation “reset button” on our honeymoon in British Columbia, Canada. Give yourself permission to breathe.

I (we) are incredibly blessed.

It is no secret this is a second wedding for both me and Brad. We are not ashamed of our past because without it there would be no “Bristina” (our friend given couple name). But being mindful of it, we chose to afford our wedding almost one-hundred percent on our own. We feel so fortunate to be able to do so. We are even more thankful for all the support, encouragement, and love we have received from family and friends who will celebrate with us on our special day. While the experience itself is not new, our journey together certainly is – and just getting started. Be grateful for small things, big things, and everything in between.

What would you learn? …If you reflected on your past and envisioned your future. Take some time to do so without judgement.

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