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Career Change Is Good

A Positive Spin On Taking That New Job

Change can evoke fear, doubt, and discomfort. Today, after almost nine years, I am swimming in a pool of it. I have been a designer at the same company since graduating college. My highlight reel includes, meeting Brad (my former coworker turned husband), working with my dad for seven of those years, and creating the existing corporate brand. It was never my “dream job,” but I am grateful for the experience I gained, the good people I met, and the opportunities it afforded me. Putting a positive spin on change, I am saying goodbye to my very first “big girl job" and preparing to go from Designer to Art Director.

Questioning your own career change? Look at it this way…

Two steps forward, no steps back.

Imagine opening a clean notebook, the one where the pages are so crisp they still make a cracking noise and smell like a paper mill. There is space for new goals and successes. Then, you say “hello” to a coworker who can only judge you by your name, not your past – good or bad – because you just met. There is an opportunity to make new impressions and form new relationships. It is a fresh start and the path only leads forward.

The grass is greener. Skeptics will tell you it is not. But you will never know until you experience the landscape for yourself. If you are unhappy where you are, take a risk on making a change. What do you have to lose, your already unfulfilling job? Weigh the risk versus reward. When the reward is higher, cash in on it – either literally or figuratively, because you earned it. Then go dance barefoot in that fresh cut, perfectly green grass.

More is more. Life is all about experiencing new things and developing new insights from those experiences. On average, you spend 90,000 hours of your life working. Make the most out of it. If a new job opportunity means a chance to learn and apply more skills, work alongside more successful people in your industry, or take on more challenges and responsibilities – experience it. More career growth equals more personal growth.

Stay positive. Rock that new job. It might just be your “dream job.”

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