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Formulate Review And Giveaway!

I’ve mentioned last summer’s complete beauty overhaul a few times. It meant swapping out some things in my cabinet for products consistently free from sulfates, parabens, dyes, preservatives, and animal cruelty. Besides issues finding the right deodorant, I haven’t completely loved a shampoo and conditioner either. Enter Formulate, a company focused on solving the world’s personal care struggles – because we know the struggle is real. I teamed up with their cosmetic chemists to create my own personal shampoo and conditioner formulas based on my hair goals, type, and styling. Two things you need you know – 1. it works like a charm, and 2. we’re giving you a chance to win a FREE set. Pssst, it’s linked at the end of this post.

What’s so great about Formulate? Well, using your personal hair profile, they pull together a bunch of real ingredients – never substituted – plus the scent of your choice to deliver the very best results for your hair. I am obsessed with the Verdant scent (it’s like fresh cut grass and the sweetness of lilies). Even Brad commented on how good my hair smells! In addition, it’s totally okay to not like your formula right off the bat. Formulate uses your feedback to make adjustments as needed. Their team will work with you, swap ingredients, and ship a new formula free of charge.

It took two different formulas before I settled on my current. The first go was over-hydrating my hair – maybe some of the ingredients like sesame and argan oils were too overpowering. There’s definitely an adjustment period when it comes to sulfate free products, so I gave it over a week. I still felt a little greasy, so I told the team my issue and explained I wanted to be able to go a couple days without washing. My new formula highlights are sesame seed oil, saw palmetto (a fruit extract), and coconut-based soap. Now my hair is perfectly hydrated and still feels soft after styling!

Even better than that, Formulate has their own app where you can manage your profile, get deeper formula insight, track packages and more right from your phone!

What are you waiting for? Join the movement.


CONTEST RULES: Entry Period Ends 5.18.19 at 12:59am EST // US Residents Only


One winner will receive a code for a free Formulate set and a second winner will receive $5 off a purchase. Winners will be notified via email. Good luck, friends!

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