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Apart, But Together

Finding Calm Amid COVID-19

You’ve seen it all over social media – even on the news – “we’re in this together.” But really we’re apart because, you know, social distancing and stay at home orders. BUT REALLY we’re more together than ever. Anyone else getting major Phoebe vibes from my above rant, “they don't know that we know they know we know.” Ok, before I completely lose you, we’re more together than ever because majority of the country is home – connecting, spreading love, cheering each other on, toasting – albeit mostly virtually – everyone from your neighbor, to your mom, to your favorite celebrity is online. Social media is being used for good and I’m totally here for it. Basically, what I’m saying is I hope this sense of “togetherness” is contagious, much more contagious than COVID-19.

We all know limiting screen time is kinda out the window at this point. But I’m gonna give you an extra nudge with some things, sans screens, I’ve been doing to pass the time while staying home.

"Today I choose, calm over chaos, serenity over stress, peace over perfection, grace over grit, faith over fear."

-Mary Davis

5 Calming At-Home Activities

1. Cooking + Baking Not your thing? Think you’re a terrible cook? Now’s the time to test your skills and maybe find something to like about spending time in your kitchen. Here’s a list of some easy (and tasty) recipes I have made in the past two weeks:

2. Adult Coloring Long before being asked to stay home, I used coloring pages as a way to calm my mind and ease stress. Since the start of this whole thing, I’ve colored five new pages. My favorite books to use can be ordered from Amazon and delivered right to your door:

Don’t forget the markers! Coloring is just another form of meditation. Speaking of…

3. Meditation Even if it’s 10 minutes, 5 minutes, a minute a day, remember to breathe. Just sitting or lying quietly in a comfortable position, with your eyes gently closed. Focusing on those sweet inhales and exhales, inviting in a moment of peace in an otherwise chaotic time. Brad and I have been joining my former yoga teacher, and local studio owner, Jessie of Shift Yoga for a daily lunchtime meditation on Facebook Live. Follow her studio page for more info.

4. Break A Sweat

Now’s the time to flex your at-home workout creativity muscles! Yoga is of course an obvious, doable choice, but even this yoga teacher has been trying to switch it up. Yesterday, I literally ran the stairs in my house – at five-minute intervals, three times. Luckily, I also have a set of kettlebells, so lots of possibilities there. But if you don’t have any sort of free weights, grab a water bottle, a heavy book, anything you can grip with the right amount of weight and make it happen. Plus, so many virtual fitness options are available (and even more right now), so no excuses. And don’t forget, nice long walks outside for some fresh air does the body and soul good – just keep your distance.

5. Spring Cleaning

‘Tis the season, right? We currently have a garbage bag full of papers ready for shredding after an office filing cabinet overhaul. Also, a closet full of items ready to be donated and/or added to our annual community yard sale. It’s the perfect time to gather all your unwanted items – with unemployment rates soaring due to COVID-19, there will be many people in need of your gently used clothing, household goods, etc. when this is all over. Find calm in gaining space, getting organized and giving back.

I want to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to every medical professional, grocery store employee, first responder, delivery person, retail worker – any and every person – still showing up to work every day and putting themselves at risk to help the rest of us. You are the real MVPs!

Stay safe, be kind and keep calm, ya’ll. We will never have an opportunity like this to slow down and clear our schedule again in our lifetime. In the end, if it makes us stronger, that’s what we’ll remember. We will get through this apart, but together.

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