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Expecting 2021 To Be Great

Our Rainbow Baby Is Coming

For starters, ‘hi!” It’s been a while. For the first couple months, I really took advantage of the slow-down COVID-19 brought about. But since June, we’ve been pretty busy over here. Brad started a new job this week – and as he put it, “had to put on pants for the first time since March 18.” (Just so there’s no confusion, he’s been wearing shorts only.) At the end of June, we bought a lot and started planning for the build of our “forever” home. But the biggest, brightest news of all – Baby Eberhardt is due in January 2021! Now, a month into my second trimester, I’m sharing details on how my first trimester played out with our little rainbow baby.

"Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue and dreams that you dare to dream really do come true."


Photography by Lauren Del Bene // All photos were taken at the site of our new home.

1st Trimester Recap

The Ups Overall, I’ve felt really good all along. A brief stint of nausea in the very beginning, but never experienced morning sickness and I’m super grateful for that. Also, loving the growth of my nails. I was a serious nail bitter up until about seven years ago, and even since kicking that habit, I’ve never had long, strong, healthy nails – until now! And naps. Sure, the pregnancy fatigue might be a downer, but I live for daily naps and I’m enjoying them while I can.

The Downs The biggest downer by far is being pregnant during a global pandemic. Unfortunately, Brad isn’t able to join me in the office for any of my appointments, but he has been “with me” waiting in the car during each and every one. It breaks my heart that I can’t entirely share the experience of our first pregnancy with him, but thankfully, my doctors have allowed me to FaceTime him twice – once during my very first ultrasound, and once so he could finally hear the beautiful sound of our little one’s heartbeat.

Around 12 weeks, I experienced a scare with some bleeding. I immediately broke down, having flashbacks of my missed miscarriage in 2018. Of course, it happened in the evening when the OBGYN was closed, so we had to wait until first thing in the morning to make an appointment. Walking in alone to check the heartbeat on that morning was one of the most terrifying moments of my life. But, come to find out mild bleeding can be totally normal and Baby Eberhardt is totally healthy. (Had to end on an “up!”)

The Completely Absurd My dreams. I swear it’s like I’m being drugged every night before going to sleep. Here’s just some of the craziness that pregnancy REM has brought on:

  • Got locked in a combo grocery/home decor store after hours and I was running, screaming through the aisles for help, then I found ice cream

  • Was sitting in the middle of the road with a friend (who will remain nameless for sake of our friendship) when a bus came and hit her, knocking her into a storm drain, where she was stuck for hours until the fire department came; meanwhile, I went and got sandwiches to send down to her because she was hungry

  • Went car shopping with my mom, and she had to have a pumpkin orange Jeep Wrangler

  • Brad and I were trapped in a classroom at my high school with an anaconda; thankfully a former coworker broke in and distracted the snake so we could flee to safety

  • My best friend, Kelly, was offered a one-year stint in Taiwan to study fashion design; she asked me to go with her

The Cravings

Chick-fil-A is a big one. I treat myself to it about once a week, including their diet lemonade – another craving. I feel like my young nieces ordering lemonade with every meal. And I don’t discriminate, strawberry lemonade is a big winner, too. Some other things I’m loving: melon of any kind, dairy – cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream, avocado, olives – specifically green ones stuffed with jalapeños, all the carbs – especially bagels and waffles, refried black beans, fries/tater tots and kettle chips, romaine-based salads and honey mustard on everything. Our weekly menu has me feeling like I’m back in college, with a lot of tacos, nachos and pizza. Brad isn’t complaining.

The Aversions

Meat. (Except Chick-fil-A of course.) I’m pretty sure Baby E. wants me to be a vegetarian. The thought of biting into any large cut of meat totally grosses me out – haven’t touched a grilled chicken breast, burger or steak in months. But rest assured, I’m getting my protein in. Plus, I’m able to stomach meat in a couple forms – ground or shredded in anything Mexican and/or buried in a casserole.

I continue to allow myself a cup of coffee each morning, but I can't stand it hot anymore. It's gotta be iced! I've been loving Starbucks Blonde with almond milk.

The Things I Can’t Live Without

My pregnancy pillow (or my boyfriend, as Brad calls it) is a life saver. I purchased it on Amazon immediately after my 8-week appointment went well. It provides comfort and also keeps me on my side at night – recommended from the second trimester on. Plus, the cover comes off for washing and it includes a carrying case for travel. (Not that we’re doing any of that right now.) I’ve also continued acupuncture treatments once a trimester. Early on, I was experiencing nagging sciatica pain on my left side, but after some needles on the points of pain, plus a few adjustments from my physical therapist bestie, it eventually subsided. I also received a treatment to alleviate recurring headaches. Take it from a girl who doesn’t like needles, acupuncture is so worth it.

2020 definitely hasn’t been the year any of us imagined. I want to end by sending love to anyone on a pregnancy journey of their own. I understand the emotional struggle and the disappointment of every negative test result. This is your reminder to never lose hope because life has a magical way of surprising us when we need it most. And with a baby and a new house on the horizon for 2021, Brad and I surely believe it will be “our year.” Here’s hoping it’s a better year for all of us.

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