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Feeling Brave And Fierce

I Did It

From the very beginning, my sparkly wish was to further a connection. To intertwine two things I am passionate about – design and yoga. To create a lifestyle where my mantra is powerful – inspire. Yesterday, during Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), I went from student to teacher in about five seconds flat, my sparkly wish in the back of my mind.

I did it…I taught my first hour-long vinyasa class.

"If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done."

-Thomas Jefferson

While creating a sacred space, I noted inspiration is the most important thing I can cultivate in any design project to establish a connection. I love designing for special events, and at times it comes super easy. Like for weddings – my favorite – with so much love and light, happiness and hope. Other times, it is more difficult to discover. Like for first birthday parties.

I invited my students – my Kula – to begin connecting to the space around them; I cued them to bring awareness to their breath.

Something about the first birthday party I am working on right now is different. It is a “Wild ONE” – a theme reminiscent of tribal warriors, bravery, and fierceness. It took me a while to realize why this inspired me so much. Then it hit me. It reminds me of being on a yoga mat. Every time, there is an opportunity to bravely notice and accept inner feelings whether good or bad, to fiercely move through a practice building strength and courage – to be a warrior.

I reminded my Kula being brave could mean continuing to be still, breathing mindfully, or it could mean getting up to start moving fiercely through their very own wild party on the mat.

As I fell deeper into my roll as a teacher, I realized my own message was starting to resonate with me. While cuing the first flow, I did a lot of pacing – still holding on to a bit of nerves and fear. By the second flow I was grounded, excited, and ready to go to battle – I felt brave and fierce.

The messages of the “Wild ONE” party are what inspire me most. Be brave little one. Though she be but little, she is fierce. Dream big little one. I realized this is so much easier to do as children. Not having experienced the ups and downs of every day life, fearlessness exists.

I encouraged my Kula to reconnect with their inner child.

Each one of us has been given a “superpower” at the end of our first teaching assignment. I was told mine is perseverance. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes. I have said I struggle with doing anything less than all-in. Yesterday, I proved to myself it is not always a bad thing. I have not missed a day of YTT; I have soaked up every juicy minute of it. And I let it all out in the studio as I taught.

I was told I can do ANYTHING I want to do, EVER…like make my sparkly wish come true.

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