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Dress Up Your Bridal Party

Do-It-Yourself Personalized Hanger

Calling all 2019 brides – this one is for you! Whether you have been looking forward to your wedding year for some time, or just got engaged, chances are you have a bride tribe lined up. When it comes to the big day you want to be sure to properly thank those girls that have always had your back and stand by your side on what will feel like the most important day of your life to date. When choosing gifts for your bridal party, why not make it personal? I gifted my flower girls (my nieces) dress hangers with their names on them. Even more special, I made them myself. So, if you are feeling a little crafty, follow my simple DIY. Bonus, these hangers make for next level dress photography on wedding day.


Personalized Hanger


14-gauge Jewelry Wire

Wire Cutters

Needle Nose Pliers

Wooden Hangers*

Drill (plus drill bit the size of your wire)

Strong-hold Glue (recommend E6000® or hot glue)

Name Pattern

Ribbon, Lace, Flowers or Other Décor (Optional)

*Make sure to buy kid-size hangers for flower girls.


  1. Pick a script font to use as a pattern for the letters of the name and print it as large as possible for reference. Free font downloads are available at​

  2. Cut wire to size. About 10 to 12 inches of wire is needed per letter, plus a little extra on the ends for finishing. It is always better to have more than needed! *See Note

  3. Using the name pattern as a guide, begin forming letters using your hands and pliers as needed. Tip: cover the nose of the pliers in masking tape to prevent it from scratching the wire.​

  4. Decorate hanger with ribbon, lace, flowers or other décor, or simply leave the beautiful wooden hanger as is. ​

  5. Drill two holes on the bottom of the hanger, about one-half inch from the edge. Do not drill all the way through the hanger.​

  6. Trim wire to fit, if necessary. Put some glue both in holes and on wire. Then, stick wire in holes and allow it to dry.​

*Note: Be sure to estimate how the name will fit in between the ends of the hanger and add enough extra wire for finishing. For example, “Libbie” needed a few more inches on the ends than “Charlotte” did.


Personalized hangers make a great keepsake in your bridal party’s home closet later. And with their name on it, added stress of dress mix-ups getting ready day of is eliminated. Sounds like a wedding win-win.

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