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What You Dream You Can Create

Peace Of Burlap On Etsy

In January 2017, I made a resolution. Well, it’s 2019 and I just got around to keeping that promise I made to myself (plus all of you who read my blog). But that’s the great thing about a resolution – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again because I mean it – resolution is just a fancy word for goal. And goals are dreams that don’t expire. So, if you’re still thinking about the time you told yourself you’d start doing yoga, reconnect with an old friend, give up coffee (crazy, but you do you), or whatever sets your soul on fire, it’s never too late. Take it from the girl who finally opened her Etsy shop, two years later.

"Never break a promise to yourself."

-Rachel Hollis

Time was always the biggest dream crusher. See, this is where that silver lining in the clouds at the end of last year comes into play. A couple weeks ago Brad and I were enjoying a walk around a local lake and discussing my plans for the rest 2019. He reminded me about that little Etsy dream, instantly reigniting my excitement and passion for it. Now that I’m working from home as a freelance graphic designer, I have a ton more flexibility in schedule and time – and I took full advantage of it.

To start, my shop is stocked with a small selection of invitations and prints. I picked some of my favorite previously custom designs to offer for resale and personalization. All files are downloads, meaning they are sent to the buyer for printing at home or with the vendor or their choice. I wanted to simplify things while I test the selling waters. Hopefully, there’s much more to come.

My plan in 2017 was to open with wedding invitation sets – my biggest library of designs. So, that’s still the end goal…just give me two more years.

Just kidding, y’all.

Go check out Peace of Burlap on Etsy – and remember you can always contact me for custom designs: Thanks for being part of my inspiration!

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