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I Heart Love

Weddings Are My Favorite

It is impossible not to be happy when you’re planning a wedding, attending a wedding, sharing memories of your own wedding, or reflecting on one you were a part of as a guest. It is a beautiful experience. The dress. The flowers. The setting. The family and friends. The hopes and dreams. The love.

I call this, “I Do Inspiration.”

"When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love."

-Lana Del Rey

It is also impossible not to be happy when you’re designing for a wedding. Three days ago I met my second bride of 2016. In the initial meeting I ask tons of questions to get to know the bride and/or groom (if I don’t already) and to really start to feel the style of their wedding.

The most important question I ask them…what three words best describe your wedding?

Couples will use words like – rustic, romantic, or simple. I use those three words as a guide and craft designs completely custom to them, their wedding, and their vision. It would be easy to just swap names, dates, locations, etc. out of premade designs, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun, or nearly as special.

After that initial meeting, I go on to create three design options (have you noticed I like to do things in threes?) I believe represent the couple’s style based on our meeting and conversation. I give them an opportunity to provide feedback on anything and everything…or to tell me they completely hate it. Thankfully, the latter has never happened – knock on wood! More often than not, couples choose Design #1 (my gut instinct) or Design #3 (my most refined effort). My goal is to make the couple fall completely in love with my design – their design – before we call it a wrap.

Copyright Lindsay Hite / Readyluck 2012

It is always so satisfying to see the completed design. In print, assembled in all its sparkly-new-ness along with fancy envelopes and personal embellishments. Complete with calligraphy, ready to go to the friends and family the couple can’t wait to share their big day with. Even BETTER is receiving comments on how much the guests loved the save the date or invitation. But the absolute BEST moment is seeing the couples’ big day captured through stunning wedding photography, just as I imagined it on that first day we met.

One of my favorite things to say to Brad is “just love.” Maybe if life were one big beautiful wedding, that action would be effortless.

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