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Designing A Piece Of History

Supporting Local Arts

There is an unassuming local gem worth checking out. Go with an appreciation for a strong sense of community. Go for the magic of an intimate outdoor setting. Go to experience elegant artistry, playful music, and all out delightful entertainment. Just go! Go see a show this summer at Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre (ASGT). And for a bonus, go check out a piece of my artwork displayed in the lobby.

It’s Throwback Thursday…

This time last year I was thoughtfully organizing a design for ASGT. 2015 marked their 50th performance season, while 2016 marks their 50th anniversary. As a part of the celebration, they asked me to design a historical timeline honoring the theatre past and present.

My completed design includes countless playbills from over the years, photos of the venue, and key historical highlights. Much like the vibe of ASGT, the colors are refreshing and lively – pink for the 60s and 70s, blue for the 80s and 90s, green for the 2000s, and purple for the 50th celebration. This colorization is logically carried through the border of playbills with the lines running parallel signifying the decade of each performance. Years are accounted for by the arrows across the center shown solid color if the year is highlighted by an event on the timeline, faded if not. In the background, there is a transparent collage of imagery showing the theatre exterior and dressing rooms. Most importantly, all five decades of rich history are represented.

"The details are not the details. They make the design."

-Charles Eames

Situated in the heart of Annapolis near city dock, ASGT is a fun family outing, date night for couples of all ages, or something casual to enjoy on your own. It is a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization with zero paid staff, but an impressive amount of dedication, enthusiasm, and talent from local patrons and volunteers - including me! Support their mission and take an opportunity to learn about and experience live theatre under the stars.

Witness history, be charitable, and support local arts!

The 2016 ASGT 50th anniversary season offers an epic line up. The Wedding Singer runs May 26th through June 18th, Rent runs June 30th through July 23rd, and The Producers runs August 4th through September 4th.

Go get your TICKETSand do not forget to take a peak in the lobby!

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