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Never Say Never


So often we do not give ourselves a chance. Maybe we are afraid of failure. Our fear of getting hurt gets in our way. Sometimes we come up with a billion reasons not to even try. Whether it is based on pride, past experience, or excuses, we carelessly pass judgment on ourselves in our thoughts. We immediately count ourselves out, leaving us perpetually stuck in the same place.

Self-doubt eliminates growth.

A few weeks ago, I thought a headstand would never be possible. No way was I strong enough. I envisioned falling and breaking my neck. I would go back and forth convincing myself a tripod balance was enough, despite being unsatisfied. My heart wanted me to go for it, but my mind doubted I could lift my knees off my triceps even an inch. So I would just stay there, stuck.

Until, I was inspired...

A few days ago, another student was practice teaching during Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). Her enthusiasm for headstands was infectious. With her encouragement, I got out of my head and into my heart. Engaging my core, I felt strong. My hands cradling my head, I felt safe. I began to lift my legs. After several attempts, I eventually aligned them overhead for a split second before rolling forward. Not a complete success, but I was no longer stuck.

Trying is never a failure.

"Tell the negative committee that meets in your head to sit down and shut up."

-Ann Bradford

The next day, determination kicked in. I spent the evening practicing in the comfort of my living room. Now, I can effortlessly hold a headstand. With confidence I can bring my feet directly from the ground up over my head. With the same confidence, I can control them back down. I experience more power, ease, and reward with every attempt.

Impossibility no longer exists.

Giving ourselves a chance is not just about accomplishing a headstand or similar challenging yoga pose. It makes the job we do not apply for because we will never get it possible. It leaves the outfit we refuse to try on because we will never look good in it possible. It sees the extra mile we do not run because we will never make it possible. In life, it allows us to become unstuck.

When in doubt…tune out your mind and turn up your heart.

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