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Three Quarters Of The Way

The Big Assignment

It is hard to believe nine weeks have passed. I remember the nervousness of the unknown and the excitement of a new experience as I arrived at day one. With the same nervousness and excitement I am preparing for day thirty and the BIG assignment. Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) is almost over, and making a connection is what it is all about.

After all, yoga is about relationships.

On Saturday, I will be teaching my first live, hour-long vinyasa class. Fittingly, my students will be my YTT Kula. Kula is a Sanskrit word for tribe – or my favorite definition – a community of the heart. It is a group coming together of its own free will, thus an intentional community, or family.

Nine weeks ago, we may have been complete strangers with nothing more in common than our love of yoga. We were brought together by our choice to go on a journey. With each day of YTT, we share an intention and we share our practice. Through it all, countless stories, emotions, and flows continue to root the connection deeper, to our individual selves, and to each other. Even once our mats are rolled up, my YTT Kula is a relationship I will never forget.

"Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart, and nourish your soul."


Relationships impact everything.

How we connect to our own self, our friends and family, in love, with concepts and ideas, and our environment shapes the minutes, hours, days, months, and years of our lives. I am so incredibly blessed to have tons of positive and inspiring relationships in my life.

More proof? Those willing to be subjected to practicing my vinyasa flow before the BIG assignment. A special thanks goes to Brad, Kelly, and any other friends and family who have agreed to meet me on the mat. With a little hope I can balance my nervousness and excitement by Saturday. If I focus on making a connection, there is no doubt the experience will be impactful for my students, but also me.

Can you believe it? I am three quarters of the way through YTT.

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