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Simply Creative Framing

Things I have a lot of – throw pillows, vases…and picture frames. If I were to fill all of them with photos of Brad and me, or our friends and family, it would borderline ridiculous. So, I choose to display only the very best pictures of loved ones. And instead, I put my large collection of frames to good use finding different, unique ways to add meaning to our home.

"She designed a life she loved."


4 simply creative ideas for framing:

1. He said, she said.

Words are powerful. Quotable prints have been and continue to be a hot trend. They are a great way to personalize a space. Etsy has an endless collection of pre-designed styles and also with plenty of options for customizing if you cannot find the perfect one. As a designer, I take matters into my own hands to create prints.

Download a set of Peace of Burlap Love Notes to print and frame for your home or contact me for custom prints.

2. Been there, done that.

Show off locations that hold a special place in your heart. Frame a photo landscape you took from an unforgettable trip or search Google* for (free and non-copyrighted) great shots of your favorite cities. If you want them to look more like a series or set, filter the photos in black and white, or sepia before printing and framing.

*Tip: Be sure to use the Search Tools and choose Large from the Size dropdown menu to find a higher resolution image.

3. Out of the envelope.

Greeting cards are a dime a dozen. But Brad and I are very picky – and also Papyrus obsessed. The ones we give each other are always so pretty and thoughtful I could not possibly just toss them in a box as a memory. It is completely possible someone spent 30 minutes in the card isle finding the perfect one for you, too. So go ahead, frame it.

4. Odds and ends.

Maybe it is colorful doors or windows, fun signs, or beautiful flowers. For me, it is any and all things rustic. In our travels, I have taken countless photos of things I find stylistically attractive. Get a collage frame and display your favorite architectural details, random objects, or nature collections.

Combine any of these ideas for a personalized gallery wall or shelf. Why not? They are inexpensive, simple, and creative.

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