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Feathered With Love

Showering Mama And Baby Bird 

Let’s be honest, with a last name like Bird, there is only one thing you should do – embrace it! My best friend, Kelly, swore after her wedding she was done with bird themes. But I am pretty sure there is nothing more perfect than the fact that she gets to call her unborn daughter “Baby Bird.” And after her husband convinced her to decorate the nursery with feathered friends, I decided it was only appropriate to “feather her nest” at a baby shower. Lucky for her, birds are really adorable.

Mama and Baby Bird were feathered with so much love! Check out all the “tweet” details from the shower...

Guests received a themed invitation matching Baby Bird’s nursery colors and a request to bring a book instead of a card.

Handmade banners and custom signs added to the décor.

Dessert options included a baby carriage fruit bowl carved by the grandma-to-be with help from the aunt-to-be, beautiful and (equally delicious!) bird cookies made by Samantha’s Sweetscapes, and Butterscotch Bird’s Nests made by my mom. The Bird’s Nests were a combination of this cookie recipe favorite and Jelly Belly Cold Stone Creamery® as eggs.

Guests enjoyed activities in place of games…

Baby photos of the parents-to-be hung over the headband making station. 

Thanks to an awesome DIY kit from Luxe Supply Co. Baby Bird has a large collection of unique, stylish accessories made by family and friends.

Custom coloring pages of birds A through Z and numbers of birds 1 through 9 were designed for guests to color and sign. The pages will be bound into a keepsake book to help Baby Bird learn her ABCs and 123s.

Before the flight home, guests offered “little birdie secrets” – messages of advice, happy wishes, or congratulations – to the parents-to-be, and were gifted a homemade soap egg nested in paper shred. The soap was made using a soap base and simply melting it in the microwave, adding a liquid soap fragrance and soap colorant, and pouring it into a silicone egg mold (or any mold of your choice).

"Let there always be love in her eyes and a flower in her hair."


Baby Bird (or as I like to refer to her “Best Friend Baby”), your mommy and daddy are ready for you to hatch – bottles, books, and clothes galore! And we are all going to spoil you rotten and love you to pieces.

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