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Namaste For The Kupcakes

1st Event Recap

It’s a toss-up which I love more – yoga or cupcakes. So, when I came up with a way to have them together, reaching out to my all-time favorite local bakery, Kupcakes & Co., was a no-brainer. The sweet owner (and my friend) Michelle, jumped at the opportunity to collaborate for an event. We dove right into planning and then we were like Namaste for the Kupcakes, you?

"A life without cupcakes is a life without love."


Our first event was held Friday, August 23, 2019 at Clarksville Commons where Kupcakes’ second bakery is located. We were supposed to have a 60-minute OUTDOOR flow on the beautiful grassy space, but the weather had other plans. Luckily, the Commons has a lovely Community Room located in the North building across from Kupcakes, where we could move indoors and escape the rain. Nobody wants a soggy yoga mat – unless it’s soggy with sweat, of course!

Twenty local yogis came together over a mutual love of cupcakes. I encouraged them to stop being “salty” with themselves. It’s often easier to dwell on failures, missteps and mistakes, allowing them to define us. Flow and let that sh*t go! Instead, we indulged in the “sweet stuff” – experiences, achievements and celebrations no matter how big or small – the good things in life! Because the sweetest thing of all is this life is uniquely ours.

And since life is all about balance, we headed over to Kupcakes adorable shop after yoga. We were greeted by Michelle with a smile and a plate full of delicious gourmet mini cupcakes. The amazing Kupcakes team created a new event inspired – and their 111th– flavor. Let it be known, this yogi is now fueled by Green Tea & Honey cupcakes! Each event ticket included an additional FREE full-size signature cupcake card as part of a “swag bag.” Also, in the bag, a custom designed Peace of Burlap mandala, crayons included. If you received one and colored it, I’d love to see it – be sure to share it using #peaceofburlapdesign and tag me on Instagram or Facebook.

The response to our first ever yoga and cupcakes was overwhelmingly positive, and we are already planning our second event! Thanks a million, to all who participated in this one – you’re the sweetest!

May you have peace in your mind, peace in your words and peace in your heart. Namastefor the Kupcakes.


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